Interviewing in the modern age.

I have been asked a few times to bring up Skype and talk to a recruiter, but today I had to “Skype” with a hiring manager.  I am in North Carolina and the job (contract) is in Austin, TX.  Now you can text chat on Skype, you can voice chat and you can video chat on Skype.   My interview was the latter.   My first question was “Do I dress up?”.   I asked the recruiter, I asked my wife and I even asked my friends on Facebook.

Dilemma of the ages.   Is a video call any different from a in-person interview?  Aren’t the people you’re interviewing with making a first impression?  Is the video call formal or informal?  Well after some thought I decided to treat this interview as if I was sitting across a table from the interviewers.

I quickly shaved, because with my luck my interviewer would have a 52″ HD Monitor attached to his workstation.  I got on my dress white shirt and put on my dress pants.  I even tied my tie.  Honestly I did rebel a bit, I wasn’t wearing my shoes and socks.  I put on my dress pants because I had this fear the interviewer might ask me to stand up.  Silly fear, but a fear none the less.

I patiently waited for my Skype application to tell me a video call was incoming.   Now I will have to say sitting in my living room was a whole lot less nerve racking than sitting in a lobby.  As the interview progressed there were some technical issues.  All of which are highly unusual for Skype, but I got through the interview relaxed.

Best part is I got the job.   Moral of this story is simple: If you have to do a face to face interview with a candidate from another city save your company some money and fire up some from of Tele-Presence. You will probably find your candidate more relaxed and it will be cheaper for you.